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Following are the highlights of the 2018 PBA season.

  1. The number of playing members in the 2018 season was 31. The number of members continues to provide sufficient financial stability to the organization enabling a reasonable participation in travel expenses for the winners of the qualifying events.
  2. The advisory committee set up to assist the Tournament Director contributed significantly to the successful completion of the four qualifying tournaments. The committee discussed a number of playing and administrative issues. None of Its decisions were ever disputed and they were well received by the members. My thanks are due to the members of this committee (Ivan Kantor, Denis Phillips, Selwyn Hare, Avraham Yonatan and Zvika Hadar) for their support.
  3. The Disciplinary Committee was not required at all during the past season.
  4. As in recent years, cooperation of the members was outstanding. Thanks to all the volunteer markers and umpires. Thanks to those who stayed behind to take in the scoreboards and mats at the conclusion of the playing evenings and also to those who brought eats to some of the evenings.
  5. My sincere thanks are due to the Raanana Bowls Club for their outstanding hospitality during the past season.
  6. Tournament winners were:

Qualifying singles tournament for the Scottish Open Championships – Zvika Hadar.

Qualifying singles tournament for the International Championships – Shalom Ben Ami.

Qualifying singles tournament for the World Indoor Championships – Lawrence Hurwitz.

Qualifying pairs tournament for the World Indoor Championships – Boaz Markus and Beverley Polatinsky.

  1. Serving as the Tournament Director for the past eight years has been a privilege. I look forward to assisting my successor next season.
  2. The Annual General Meeting of the 2019 season will take place on the first playing evening of the 2019 season. The three Singles qualifying competitions will take place between March and June 2019 and will take into account the constraints imposed by the National calendar. The Pairs competition will be held in September 2019.







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