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WBT Rules of Play for the Shot Clock & Time Out


SHOT CLOCK = 30 seconds

TIME OUT = 60 seconds


1)       A SHOT CLOCK will be used to time players in the delivery of their bowls which will be controlled solely by the Match Officials who are officiating the particular match in question.The Shot Clock will be placed in a clearly visible place to the players, officials, arena audience and, where applicable, the TV Cameras.


2)       In a match of Singles after the first bowl on the first end comes to rest the Shot Clock is brought into play and will count down the prescribed time as has been allocated for the following player to deliver their bowl.


3)       For clarity the delivery will be timed in that the bowl must have left the players hand within the prescribed time.


4)       Where a player does NOT deliver their bowl within the prescribed time a distinct audio signal will sound and then that bowl is deemed void and cannot be replayed.


5)       All players will be notified in advance of the event and again in advance of the match what the timing has been set to.


6)       In order NOT to distract players the Shot Clock will NOT issue an Audio signal at any time except when the prescribed time has elapsed, at which point a clear audio signal will be given and the bowl is either in play or will then be deemed void if undelivered as set out above.


7)       Should the bowl have left the players hand after the allocated time and signal then the Match Officials shall, where possible, stop that bowl in motion and declare it as a dead bowl. In the event that the bowl is unable to be stopped, such as a full drive for instance, and the dead bowl disturbs the head then the Match Officials will replace such moved bowls to their original positions as near as possible. The shot clock will not restart until the head has been reset.


8)       A player may have up to THREE Time-Outs in the full course of the first two sets; a tie break will bring one automatic extra time-out available to be used. Unused Time-outs from the first two sets may be carried over into the tie break.


9)       A Time-Out may be called by the player at any stage prior to the Audio Signal of lapsed time being sounded, a Time-Out CANNOT be called AFTER this signal has sounded.


10)   A player MUST visually signal a Time-Out requirement by raising one hand in the air and calling audibly “Time-Out”


11)   Once called for a Time-Out will run until the player has played their bowl within the allocated time.


12)   A player may call a Time-Out consecutively but each call is counted as an individual Time-Out. I.e.; a player calls for a Time-Out – within the 60 seconds they may immediately call a further Time-Out – this is counted as 2 Time-Out calls therefore leaving them with one last one to use.


13)   A player cannot add seconds not used in one Time-Out to another Time-Out call nor may a player add unused Time-Outs to a further match in the Event.


14)   When a ‘Time-Out’ is called, the Designated Match Official will immediately reset the clock to run for 60 seconds, the player will then have the 60 seconds to do what they require. The bowl to be played MUST be played before the audible sound goes at the completion of 60 seconds or it becomes void.


15)   The Match Officials may also halt a match at any stage where it is necessary for operational reasons, but not in order to assist any player in the course of the match. To recommence the match after any such halt is called the Match Official will audibly call “Time Please” and the Shot Clock restarted to the period at which it was halted i.e.; either 30 or 60 seconds.


16)   In the event that a player has a need to call a comfort break they must do so from the mat end of the rink and ask the Match Official who will call for a halt to the match. The player must return directly to the mat end and the Match Official will restart the match as per rule 15.


17)   The scorecards will have space for Time-outs called to be recorded to ensure correct allocations to players.


WBT Shot clock Rules July 2012     rev Oct 2012, Dec 2012

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