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Australian PBA Finals Tournament. 

Mandurah Bowling Club hosted the Australian PBA Finals Tournament which had the Queensland and West Australian Qualifiers come together over Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd of August to find who will travel to the UK of the World Singles and Pairs and the International Singles.


The action was hot with some fine displays from all players and with the 3 end tiebreaker coming into play there was some nervous faces as final bowls were getting played. Congratulations to first time trip winners, Hailey Packer, Marcus Sear, Alex Elwell and Dale McWhinney and congratulations to all our Australian Representatives, i'm sure you will enjoy your experiance and do us all proud.



All the results can be found via this link.


Alex Elwell (QLD) Qualifier. 
Hailey Packer  (WA) Qualifier. 

Dean McWhinney-Shillington (Qld) Qualifier 
Marcus Sear (WA) Qualifier 

Blake Nairn (WA) Qualifier 

WORLD PAIRS - Potters UK. 
Dale & Dean McWhinney (Qld) Qualifier. 


Western Australian PBA Qualifing Tournament. 

Rosssmoyne Bowling Club hosted the WA PBA Qualifing Tournament over the last weekend of July and after some 278 games were played and some long hours on the greens from the 82 players the qualifiers were found to head off to the Australian Finals. Over the 2 and half days of play there were some outstanding games that got played with many of the games coming down to the 3rd end of the tiebreaker.


All the results can be found via this link.



WA PBA Qualifiers to Australian Finals.  
SCOTTISH SINGLES-Direct to Scotland.

Qualifier #1 Hailey Packer


Qualifier #1Marcus Sear
Qualifier #2  Brad Gillingham


Qualifier #1 Peter Morgan
Qualifier #2  Blake Nairn
Qualifier #3  Pam Chalmers


Qualifier #1 Steve Novak / Gavin Faulkner
Qualifier #2 Garry Knight / Chris Booth
Qualifier #3 Matthew Bolton / Scott Walker



Queensland PBA Qualifing Tournament. 


The Queensland Branch of the Australian PBA held their qualifying tournament recently with the winners earning a trip to Western Australia for the Australian Finals in August. Scottish Singles Winner Alex Elwell earns a direct trip to Perth in Scotland in November for the Scottish Singles World Finals along with the WA qualifier. 

The WA Qualiying Tournament is going to be run in July. 

Scottish Singles- Alex Elwell.  Direct to Perth, Scotland. 


International Singles- Luke Day and Dean McWinney-Shillington. Trip to Australian Finals in WA. 


World Singles- Dean McWinney-Shillington.   Trip to Australian Finals in WA. 


World Pairs- Dale and Dean McWinney-Shillington.   Trip to Australian Finals in WA. 


For or all the results click on the link below.



Player Rankings

We now have a ranking table for our Australian players but was only started last year, no doubt after this years events in Queensland and Western Australia there will be some movers up and down the ladder.


Click on this here PBA Australia Rankings Table to take a look at the current standings.



PBA Australia Qualifiers.

To have your chance and going to England or Scotland you have to be a member of the PBA for your chance to play against the best players in the world.


Queensland Qualifying is to be played at Tweed Heads Bowling Club on the 4th, 5th and 6th of May 2019 but you must be fully paid up by the end of April, for further details contact Luke Day on 0415110336 or email at or via this facebook link.


For the WA Qualifiers which are to be held at Rossmoyne Bowling Club on the 26th, 27th and 28th of July,  contact Dave Rankin on 0400836132 or by email at or through the WA PBA facebook page.


World Bowls Tour - Potters Resort.

At the Worls Bowls Tour at Potters Resort in Great Yarmouth in England, our Australian players in Brendon Egan (Queensland) in the Singles equiped himself very well as he lined up against World #1 Greg Harlow going down 11-6; 9-5. After a nervous first set which took Egan a while to get used to the lights, cameras and crowd and not to mention massive swooping bowls he got stuck in to it in the second set with a chance to force the tie breaker but just missing out.


In the Pairs, the WA pairing of Kyle McIlroy and Dave Rankin made it to the quarter finals before bowing out to world #1 Greg Harlow and world #6 Nick Brett 6-5; 9-2 in a top effort. There previous wins were against...

Section Play,

vs Canada Erik & Rob Galipeau 4-3; 11-5.  vs Honk Kong Wagner Chan & Lychee Lai 5-4; 5-3.  vs USA Dan LeMessurier & Mike McNorton 8-6; 10-4.  vs Setion 1 Winner Ireland Ian McClure & Derek Smith 4-5; 7-4; 2-0.  Round 16 Match vs Darren Burnett & Stewart Anderson 6-4; 3-7; 2-0


For all the results click on this link.




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